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Fundraising efforts off to a good start in Burleigh Falls

Fundraising for the Burleigh Falls beautification project  is off to a good start, but organizers say there is a long way to go and  are hopeful more will participate to raise funds for the project, which  is hoped to be completed by 2025.  

​Stephanie Doughty started the community project  in August to bring attention to the Indigenous community of Burleigh  Falls, which she says is in need of a new ball diamond,  and eventually a  new community centre and playground equipment for area youth. 

“So  far, our fundraising is doing ok.  Right now we are holding an online  raffle with some really great prizes and it’s only $5 a ticket. Prizes  range from Indigenous art to a complete meal from KFC,” says Doughty.  “There’s an online store done by one of our community members which has  images of Burleigh Falls placed on pin-on buttons,  coasters and golf  balls, and other cool suff,” she adds.  Doughty says 10 per cent of the  sales are donated to the beautification project.  

​In the coming months Doughty says she is looking forward to events planned for youth and parents. 

“We  have a haunted walk planned for Halloween and we have a bake sale  coming up in November. For the haunted walk, we have made sure all  COVID-19 safety protocols are followed,” she adds. 

Doughty  says children will get a goody bag that was donated by Burleigh Falls  Inn, something Jennifer Craig, general manager of Burleigh Falls Inn,  says they were happy to help and is a way of giving back to the  community. 

“We’ve made100 goody bags and put in  traditional Halloween candy, along with other items such as little note  pads, a pencil, ruler, stuff like that. “I’m a firm believer Halloween  is not all about chocolate,” laughs Craig.  

Doughty says the project committee removed The GoFundMe  fundraising campaign stating they are focusing on traditional methods to  raise money for the project. “We might start the campaign back up again  next year, we’ll see how things go,” says Doughty. She says she has yet  to reach out the the Municipality of Trent Lakes to inquire about their  options. 

“It’s on our list to call them.”  

Natalie Hamilton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Peterborough This Week

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