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‘Real life heroes’: Burk’s Falls Fire Department receives tribute for service

Superman, Ironman and the like come to mind when you think of “superheroes,” but what about those in the community who put their lives  on the line everyday? 

The Quik Goals Foundation in Burk’s Falls paid tribute to the Burk’s  Falls Fire Department on Sept. 22, in the form of groceries and a  ceremony for the firefighters. 

Quik Goals director, Farah Gulzar, said that you don’t have to live in a fictional life to have superheroes. 

“We support the real-life heroes,” said Gulzar. “They do exist in our communities; you just need to figure out who they are.” 

“That’s why we chose firefighters because they put their life in  danger no matter what time it is — they just jump into the fire and  rescue people.” 

The local foundation put on a ceremony at the fire station Thursday  evening to “give recognition in the community and appreciate” the  firefighters during COVID-19, Gulzar said. 

Fire Chief Dave McNay said that he and his team greatly appreciated the effort. 

“It was an honour,” said McNay. “It doesn’t happen that often — it happens, but not often.” 

For Gulzar, she said wanted people to appreciate the fire department  more and generate awareness for youth that real heroism happens in  communities. 

There are 27 members on the Burk’s Falls fire team, and the Quik  Goals foundation donated a box of groceries for each of them as well as a  certificate to honour their service. 

The fire department said it plans to pay the good deed forward. 

“We’re going to pay it forward; we’re going to donate it to the food bank,” said McNay. 

Gulzar said that she hopes to bring the fire department “to the front  lines” of recognition and emphasized the importance of the younger  generation knowing “that these are the real heroes.” 

, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Parry Sound North Star


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