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Hydroxychloroquine Effectively works as a treatment for Coronavirus. – RESEARCH

We have seen so many corona patients worldwide, no nation left untouched from the COVID-19 pandemic. There were millions of deaths all over the globe. But, we observed the high rate of recovered and cured people from this contagious disease. As per the research results, this was due to the use of hydroxychloroquine among COVID-19 patients. It is an anti-malarial drug which is factually used to treat people suffering from malaria however due to the almost same kind of signs and symptoms, this medicine proved highly functional for coronavirus affected people. 

Southeast Michigan based Henry Ford Health System studied and measured mortality and recovery rates of COVID-19 affected persons. The firm surveyed about 2600 patients out of which 26% experienced death in the absence of hydroxychloroquine treatment. On the other hand, 13% of corona patients recovered from the disease. This 13 percentile persons were taking the anti-malarial drug because of which they survived.

The authors of this study informed people about the reduction in Corona risk factors and mortality with the associated consumption of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine. this week, the study was published in one of the famous medical oriented journal sites i.e. International Journal of Infectious Diseases.  Due to the constant contact with patients, veterans were highly prone to the risk of COVID-19 and inclined themselves towards the regular use of the anti-malarial drug. 

People are having mixed opinions on the use of this medicine as The Food and Drug Administration alarmed people possible harmful side-effects of the tablet If not used in a suitable hospital environment. This drug can cause problems among which heart rhythm issues are quite known. This is why many of the media hubs, public officials are having doubts about the scientific capability of the table to treat coronavirus.

We all know about the COVID-19 patients from The White House. The suffered and later on survived were staffers of White House. After the positive results of staffers, our President Trump himself tested hydroxychloroquine. just because of the safety of all of his American People he underwent the treatment of anti-malarial drugs even without the symptoms. Fortunately, he felt perfect afterwards and is still doing quite well. He did not experience any sort of cardiovascular problems. 

The World Health Organization tried to completely halt the use of hydroxychloroquine due to its side-effects related to heart health. This is the same well-known establishment which was ambiguous of COVID-19 being transmissible and contagious. Half of the world was already affected coronavirus when this WHO realized the highly contagious nature of Coronavirus caused disease. Suddenly, some time ago World Health Organization stated that COVID-19 might be airborne. This horrendous statement came from the world’s largest and most renowned establishment which spread terror among people however we got to know this isn’t the case. COVID-19 cannot spread through airways.

Notably, a White House member who is quite proficient in the knowledge of infectious diseases showed his interest in seeking scientific proof of the efficiency of associated use of hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. In an interview with a media hub, he asked indulgently asked for proofs of anti-malarial drugs being helpful in increasing recovery rates.

Henry Ford Health System’s Infectious Disease division head Dr. Zervos firmly accepted that his findings may vary from the studies of other researchers and authors but still we can never ignore the fruitful benefits of hydroxychloroquine and that patients were soon and quite easily recovered from the disease with the help of combined anti-malarial drugs.  He also suggested using the drug before the severe symptoms as it will make controlling the harmful immune reactions and spread of the disease in the affected person’s body and also to other people. For Dr. Zervos results matter the most as it helps in prevention as well as cure.

We observed millions of total cases, active cases, deaths and recoveries in the US alone and the number rises highly when considered the numbers globally. In many countries not just mask but face shield is also mandatory for the more efficient safety measure. We can opt for the use of sanitizers, masks, face shields, and gloves etc. if possible we can always go for a double mask.

Undoubtedly, people and the economy suffered massively due to this pandemic. Many underwent unemployment, hunger, ill-mental health, depression, stress-related problems etc. owing to all of this, countries including ours had to open the markets and businesses and introduce latest restrictions and ease in order to control the COVID-19 spread.

Along with the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, one can opt for immunity boosting drinks, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D and anti-infection tablets for prevention. Apart from this, people can consume warm soothing home-made herbal drinks and also cough syrups to heal sore throat and coughs. One can easily handle the mild and beginning symptoms of COVID-19 with the help of basic medicines. Our safety is our priority. We never know long this can continue, all we can do is following precautionary measures in our daily routine as we cannot shut economies forever or for 2 long years. Only travel and go outside when it is required to do so. Keep a check on our contacts, stay safe and stay healthy.

Let us know in the comments section below what you are doing for keeping yourself safe and healthy amid this pandemic. Your suggestions will help people highly. Keep spreading love not virus.


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