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Chief Mouser Larry The Cat Succeeded To Stop President Trump 😁

Chief Mouser Larry The Cat Succeeded To Stop US President Trump 😁

While many anti-Trump protestors failed to stop the US President Donald Trump, Chief Mouser Larry the Cat succeeded. Trump is in the UK for his 3-day state visit. What is the full news? We will tell you.

Larry the cat is the Chief Mouse and lives in the Theresa May’s home and office at 10 Downing Street. He is the most famous feline.

Larry was recommended by Battersea Dog and Cats home for his mousing skills. Later on, Larry, the cat ended up recruiting at the Downing Street. He made a remarkable impact as a NO.10 household. Larry usually spends his greeting guests to the house, checking security defences. Moreover, he also tests antique furniture for napping quality.

The chief mouser Larry decided to sit behind underneath Trump’s limo called as ‘The Beast’.

The somewhat serene cat appears to have his napping calibre sharpened on the grounds as hunkered down near the limo’s rear right wheel. Larry wasn’t going anyplace else.

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Thus, the ironclad vehicle was unable to move as Larry was sitting underneath it. The motorcade didn’t move in the fear of hurting the cat.

However, it is uncertain how long does Larry took to clear the way for Trump. Afterwards, Trump’s limo made its way.

NBC Chief Global Correspondent and BBC North America Editor took to Twitter and made humorous tweet following the incident.

Further, Larry is most popular First Cat since former US President Bill Clinton’s cat, Socks.

Earlier, Larry the Cat cheekily appeared in the photo of Trump and May at 10 Downing Street Door.


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