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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Met Baby Sussex Archie

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Met Baby Sussex Archie

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William, 36 and Kate Middleton, 37 finally met their nephew. After eight days, they took time from their busy schedule to meet Baby Sussex Archie.

They headed from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

But still, children of Cambridge duke yet to meet their little cousin. The three were not with their parents.

The two brothers Prince Harry and Prince Williams and their wives are not neighbours anymore. Harry and Meghan shifted from London to Windsor.

Duke of Sussex was also busy launching countdown to the 2020 Invictus Games. Wherever Harry was visiting Baby Sussex Archie was the talked about topic.

Meghan gave birth to the baby on 6th May. Archie is the eighth great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth.

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Tiffany Trump At State Banquet With Father President Trump

Tiffany Trump At State Banquet With Father President Trump

Tiffany Trump dressed to the nines while going to the exceedingly foreseen extravagant State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in London. She joined her whole family, along with her father US President Donald Trump. The blonde excellence wore a dazzling maroon off-the-bear outfit with white silk gloves for the occasion. It was also with a lovely jewelled accessory and coordinating hoops.

Tiffany flaunted her astonishing look and captured photographs with her father and Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump, inside the castle. The just one of her kin who was absent from the extraordinary excursion was Barron Trump, 13. Tiffany’s stepmother Melania Trump also joined her including Ivanka’s better half Jared Kushner and Eric’s significant other, Lara Trump.

The Trump family were at Buckingham Palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall. They also met Prince William and Kate Middleton along with Prince Harry. Duchess of Sussex didn’t attend the feast due to being on maternity leave after the birth of Archie. US President Donald Trump and his whole family visited the UK for the 3-day state visit.

Tiffany and the remainder of her skin appeared to blend with the Royals when getting a charge out of the supper, which had 170 visitors and a tasteful menu of steamed filet of halibut with watercress mousse, asparagus lances and chervil sauce, seat of the new season, Windsor sheep with herb stuffing and spring vegetables and port sauce.

Tiffany Trump took to her Instagram story after the renowned dinner to offer her thanks. She wrote, “Thank you to Her Majesty The Queen for an incredible evening.”

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Game Of Thrones – Fate Of Various Main Characters

Game Of Thrones - Fate Of Various Main Characters

After 8 seasons and 73 episodes, Game of Thrones came to an end on May 19. So much went down in the nearly 2-hour episode. The final episode picked up in the fallout of Daenerys destroying King’s Landing with Drogon, killing characters like Jaime, Cersei, and thousands of innocent civilians. In the final episode of the show, our favourite characters ended up in very different places. In Game of Thrones, the main character died, a new ruler was chosen, one character set out on a new journey, and more.

For more detailed information of various characters in Game of Thrones. Just read on ahead.

Daenerys Targaryen: The Mother of Dragons wasn’t long for the world after torching King’s Landing with Drogon. She became Queen of the Seven Kingdoms but not for long. Jon Snow turned against his queen and killed her with a dagger to the heart. Daenerys forcefully looked into the eyes of Jon Snow as she took her last breaths. Her devastation over his betrayal as heartbreaking as her fatal wound. Drogon ended up taking Dany’s body and flying away.

Arya Stark: After barely surviving the King’s Landing massacre, Arya headed out on a new journey. Once Daenerys died and they chose Bran as the new ruler. Arya told her family that she wasn’t going back to Winterfell. She set out to explore what’s west of Westeros. Her final scene was on a Stark ship heading west.

Jon Snow: He was forced to kill the woman he loved in the aftermath of the destruction of King’s Landing. Jon Snow witnessed the carnage that Daenerys caused and ultimately turned against her. He stabbed and killed her after one last kiss during the series finale. In the end, Jon Snow returned north and reunited with Ghost and Tormund. He gave up his claim to the Iron Throne. His punishment for killing Daenerys was to spend the rest of his days as a member of the Night’s Watch. The final moments of the episode showed Jon, Tormund, Ghost, and others heading beyond the Wall.

Tyrion Lannister: In the aftermath of Daenerys destroying King’s Landing and Jaime and Cersei’s deaths, Tyrion left his role as Hand of the Queen. When he threw his pin at her, Daenerys had him imprisoned for treason. Tyrion later convinced Jon Snow to turn against Daenerys, telling him that his family will never be safe. After Jon killed Daenerys, Grey Worm brought Tyrion before a council of Westerosi leader. There was a need for a new ruler. Tyrion said it should be Bran. A vote took place about who would be the new ruler. Bran Stark was the new king as per council and he chose Tyrion as his Hand of the King.

Bran Stark: The only surviving son of Ned Stark elected as the new King of the Six Kingdoms by a council. He chose Tyrion as his new Hand of the King. His king’s council included Davos, Bronn, Sam, and Brienne.

Sansa Stark: Sansa got what she wanted in the end. She became the Queen of the North. When Bran was being voted king, she said that the North should remain an independent kingdom and Bran agreed. In her last scene, she was seen being crowned.

Grey Worm: Grey Worm stood by Daenerys until the end. He took Jon Snow prisoner after the latter killed Daenerys. He eventually agreed to let Jon Snow return to the Night’s Watch as punishment for killing his queen. When Bran elected as the new king, Grey Worm refused to bend the knee. He set sail with his remaining troops on ships to free other slave cities.

Brienne of Tarth: Brienne rode south with Sansa and Bran when it was time to decide on a new ruler. She became a member of the king’s council, along with Tyrion, Sam, Davos, and Bronn. Brienne couldn’t forget about Jaime, though. She finished his story in the History of the Kingsguard and wrote that he died “protecting his queen.”

So, this was everything about the main characters of Game of Thrones.

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Will Soon Welcome 4th Child

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Will Soon Welcome 4th Child

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu hits theatres today. But, even before release, it blessed us with an unexpected gift. Ryan Reynolds voices the titular character which means he was invited to the film’s premiere on May 2.

Naturally, his plus-one was his wife, Blake Lively. This couple is always a delight on red carpets. they also reveal major family news on the carpet. Now, the parents of two revealed the news of their 4th child coming soon.

Blake was absolutely glowing while walking on the carpet and supporting her husband’s film. She opted to match the Pikachu aesthetic.

Hence, she was wearing a yellow sequined spaghetti strap dress. Thanks to a tied ribbon, her bump was easily recognisable.

Blake Lively was smiling from ear-to-ear. Also, Ryan Reynolds smiled while rocking a khaki suit and denim vest.

Detective Pikachu release gave us a reason to gush over this couple. Hope soon they will get blessed with a healthy.

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