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Facebook Restored Many Unencrypted Instagram Passwords

Facebook Restored Many Unencrypted Instagram Passwords

Facebook always faces convicts of privacy breaches. This time millions of unencrypted passwords were leaked in a readable format. Facebook says that all the unencrypted passwords of Instagram users have been stored.

Facebook said, “We discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format. We now estimate that this issue impacted millions of Instagram users.”

The company also assured people that none of the employees accessed password or misused it.

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Facebook is the parent company of Instagram. Last month, the company reassured user privacy by restoring all the unencrypted passwords. Around a hundred million users suffered from the leaked passwords. However, none misused the leaked passwords.

Last year, Cambridge Analytica used an app which hijacked the private details of around 87 million users.

Encountering all these incidents, now Facebook has announced some moves to handle the privacy more strictly. It will tighten the handling of data. Not just that, it will also eliminate data sharing partnerships with other companies.

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WhatsApp Will Soon Ads – All You Need To Know

WhatsApp Will Soon Ads - All You Need To Know

Recently, Facebook announced the upcoming ads in the most popular messaging app WhatsApp. The company announced it in the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands. It is confirmed that Facebook is all set to show ads. Many questions might be running in your mind right now. Just read on ahead to know more.

The company revealed that the ads will arrive on WhatsApp in the year 2020. But still, Facebook has not shared any exact timeline for the same.

You might be wondering where will these ads show up? Will it be irritating to see ads on conversations? So, please hang on. You are not going to see the ads in chats. Hence, it will not irritate and interrupt. However, the ads will show up in the WhatsApp stories just like Instagram.

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Similar to Instagram you can have more information about the advertisement by swipe up feature. Also, unlike the other content of the App, it will also take up the full screen.

As we earlier told you guys about Facebook interoperability in the previous articles, the company is still thinking about the feature. To know about Interoperability click here.

By the year 2020, all the WhatsApp users will get to see ads in their WhatsApp story interface while sneaking through stories of friends and family.

So, this was everything about Facebook’s latest announcement regarding WhatsApp story Ads.

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Instagram Introduced Landscape IGTV Video Feature

Instagram Introduced Landscape IGTV Video Feature

A year ago, Instagram introduced the long duration vertical videos mode with IGTV. The Facebook-owned company planned to make it big with its new long-form vertical-only format, leaving no room for landscape videos. But after one year, Instagram is changing its policy on vertical-only videos. Users can now upload landscape videos on Instagram TV.  the viewers can play the videos on full-screen when users turn their phones sideways. Instagram is evidently hoping this will push more creators to use Instagram TV.

Instagram has been trying to boost engagement for IGTV for a while now. The company recently redesigned IGTV’s main interface, taking inspiration from TikTok and Snapchat. The new designed for viewers and creators.

The only thing most creators want, which Instagram has refused to add so far, is the ability to monetise content. Without being able to make money, it’s natural that creators have shied away from spending their resources on creating videos, especially for IGTV’s vertical-only format.

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But now, creators have the ability to push out the same landscape videos they produce for YouTube and other streaming services to IGTV. Facebook-owned Instagram might carve out a monetisation policy for IGTV later in the future.

Instagram’s decision to add landscape videos will be appreciated by both creators and viewers. Notably, the company’s stories format has been highly successful.

Instagram claims this is ‘just the beginning’. The company further added that it will continue to help creators grow their communities. It will enable them to build businesses across Instagram TV. It’ll be interesting to see how creators react to the new announcement.

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Whatsapp Discovered Targeted Spyware & Resolved

Whatsapp Discovered Targeted Spyware & Resolved

A vulnerability in the popular communications app Whatsapp infected smartphones with sophisticated spyware with a missed in-app call alone.

The Facebook-owned subsidiary says “an advanced cyber actor” infected an unknown number of people with the malware. A WhatsApp spokesman anonymously said an amount in the dozens at least would not be inaccurate.

Communication App Company said the attack had all the hallmarks of a private company known to work with governments to infect phones.

On Monday, The Financial Times identified the company as Israel’s NSO Group. The company uses its flagship software, Pegasus against rights activists. Pegasus collects intimate data from a target device including capturing data through the microphone, camera and gathering location data. Noticeably, Whatsapp discovered the attack earlier this month.

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However, the NSO group said, “NSO’s technology is licensed to authorised government agencies for the sole purpose of fighting crime and terror.”

Further, it added,  “The company does not operate the system, and after a rigorous licensing and vetting process, intelligence and law enforcement determine how to use the technology to support their public safety missions. We investigate any credible allegations of misuse and if necessary, we take action, including shutting down the system.”

WhatsApp said it contacted human rights groups. Also, it quickly fixed the issue and pushed out a patch. Additionally, Facebook Acquired Whatsapp urged all of its 1.5bn users to update their apps as an added precaution.

On Tuesday, a Tel Aviv court will hear a petition led by Amnesty International. It calls for Israel’s Ministry of Defence to revoke the NSO Group’s licence to export its products.

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