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South Korea 5G Service – First Country To Launch Ultra Fast Network

South Korea 5G Service - First Country To Launch Ultra Fast Network

United States, Japan, South Korea and China have been racing to provide their country fastest 5G network. Interestingly, South Korea became the first one to officially launch the 5G network. Let’s talk about South Korea 5G services.

Hyper-wired South Korea is a highly reputed nation in terms of advanced technology.

On Wednesday, SK Telecom, KT telecom LG Uplus are top South Korean telecom providers initiated their 5G services at 11 pm as local standard time.

These three superfast networks are providing jiffy speed data which will download the entire movie just in a second. Reportedly, the 5G network is 20 times faster than the 4G data.

Seoul prioritized the 5G network to encourage economic development.

South Korea 5G – First Users:

Both KT & LG Uplus went live at the same time to provide first 5G networks to some special people. Many celebrities such as a television personality, a racing driver, Olympic ice-skating heroine Kim Yu-na and two members of K-pop band EXO.

Additionally, KT telecom provided a special ultra-fast network to a technician’s wife. The technician is setting up the network at the disputed island of Dokdo.

So, these were the first people to have access to the ultra-fast 5G network.

However, 5G services for general people will start on Friday. Notably, the actual launch date announced by the company was 5th April.

Moreover, Samsung S10 5G will also be available on 5th April. Remarkably, it is the first smartphone with 5G technology built in.


Talking about competitors, the US, China and Japan are still in competition with each other.

In December, AT&T made a 5G based system in the 12 cities to some selected users. Also, AT&T provides 5G services in Doha but compatible devices are not available, to use it. In contrast, Verizon also started their 5G services, a week before scheduled time in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Noticeably, Verizon network will work with Lenovo’s 5G compatible smartphone Moto Z3.

According to a data analyst firm IPlytics, there are total 3,400 5G patents including Huawei’s 1,529 patents.

Coming to Japan, the country will start its limited deployment in 2019 before launching it next year officially.

So, this was everything about South Korea 5G services. Stay tuned to Daily Patron.

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Facebook Live Restriction – Facebook COO Commented On New Zealand Attack

Facebook Live Restriction

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief operating officer promised to explore the live streaming restrictions on Facebook. The giant social media is taking this step after the New Zealand terrorist attack. Maybe very soon we can see Facebook Live Restriction.

Many people died in the terrorist attack at two mosques in the Christ Church, New Zealand. A 17-minute video of this shooting was live on Facebook. However, Facebook deleted the video after 4000 views. Also, 900 more edited videos of this live broadcast were found and deleted. But, the invested amount to do so is unspecified.

Sandberg took to an Instagram blog saying “We have heard feedback that we must do more – and we agree.”

Reportedly, two years ago, a murdered from Cleveland also live streamed his crime on Facebook. So, it was indeed a much-needed step.

Facebook COO Sheryl said, “First, we are exploring restrictions on who can go Live depending on factors such as prior Community Standard violations.”

Social Media Company is investigating with the New Zealand police. From next week, the company will also block praise, support, and representation of white nationalism and separatism on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was heavily insulted by New Zealand as he didn’t offer any comment over live broadcast of the attack.

In a letter to the New Zealand Herald, Sheryl Sandberg wrote, “All of us at Facebook stand with the victims, their families, the Muslim community, and all of New Zealand.”

So, this was everything about Facebook Live restriction & other upcoming Facebook changes and updates. Do tell us your valuable opinions in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to us. For more updated content stay tuned to Daily Patron.

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Romance Scam Canada – Victim Suicided After Losing $1 Million

Romance Scam Canada - Victim Suicided After Losing $1 Million

in this dating apps era, romance scams are taking place much often. Recently, a case of romance scam in Calgary lit up after the death of a lady.

Victim’s sister Karen Ringham shared the tragic consequences which led her sister to the suicide.

Ringham’s sister fell in love with a guy named Ryan whom she met on a dating app. She was head to toes in love with the guy.

The lady was living in British Columbia whereas Ryan was working on an oil rig in Kuwait.

Both were about to get married and wanted to travel the world afterwards. But somehow, the boy came across some serious financial crisis.  He asked her for the financial support as his bank accounts were tied.

The couple never met each other neither face to face nor via video calls.

The boy was kept asking for the money and keeps on lending him money or helping him as she was in love with him.

But sooner things started getting darker. She had to lose her house and fallen into debt. The love turned into harassment.

Karen said, “They threatened her with jail. They threatened her all the time that the police were going to come and get her. She was terrified about that.”

Due to this, Romance scam Ringham’s sister lost about $960,000. Therefore, she took her own life.

Romance Scam – Reports & Statements:

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported about the $25 million loss because of romance scam in the year 2018.

Meanwhile, Better Business Bureau said that all these dating apps and sites have made the romance scam much easier. Reportedly, BBB said that in both Canada and US romance scam victims have undergone $1 billion loss in just 3 three years.

Ringham told this story to aware people about the romance scam and to save them from becoming victims as her sister.

Manager of community and Public Relations, Karla Davis said, “Be curious. Have a sceptic mind and ask questions. If someone is genuinely interested in you but doesn’t want you to share details that would make you feel comfortable with them that is a red flag.”

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