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Golden State Warriors Won Game 2 Of NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors Won Game 2 Of NBA Finals

On Sunday, Golden State Warriors won the Game 2 NBA finals against Toronto Raptors by 109-104. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry lead the team by 25 and 23 points respectively.

In the first half, Toronto Raptors led the Game 2 with a total 12 points. Afterwards, Raptors started lagging behind. In the third quarter, the Raptors missed the first nine shots. However, VanVleet ended Warriors’s run with a three-pointer with remaining 6:20 in the quarter.

Kawhi Leonard had 34 points and 14 rebounds. While Fred VanVleet had 17 points and Kyle Lowry had 13 points. In addition, Pascal Siakam scored 12 points.

Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse blamed team’s lack of offence during game-turning stretch that gave Golden State Warriors transition opportunities.

Nick Nurse said, “I’m going to have to rewatch that. I’m probably not going to enjoy it very much.”

By the end of the third quarter, Warriors led the Game 2 by 88-80 with one quarter remaining. The night was probably not of Raptors. Warriors’ offence with 34 assists on 38 made baskets was truly amazing.

The Raptors wore down and three free tosses from Leonard, one of them for a specialized approached Curry for hurling the ball not yet decided in resentment, dismantled Toronto to five points with 1:08 to play.

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Further, Raptors coach Nurse said, the Raptors should have fouled before Iguodala’s shot.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, “Iguodala has hit a lot of big shots in the Finals before, so he was unfazed.”

Warriors won the game after Green’s three at the buzzer off the rim. Various players such as Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Jerry West, Michael Jordan, Elgin Baylor, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon and LeBron James had a dozen 30-point games in a single playoff.

Baskets were at a premium in the game’s early minutes, both the teams shooting a combined 5-for-19 before the first timeout. The Raptors took a six-point lead on an alley-oop dunk from VanVleet to Siakam. However, the Golden State Warriors promptly went on a 10-0 run to go up by four. Toronto led 27-26 to start the second.

Nick Nurse said, “We’re in the same boat they were in coming here, we gotta go out there and get one. That’s all we gotta do get one. We can do that.”

While Kerr said, “We cut the lead to five and could kind of breathe at halftime. I think our guys felt renewed life at that point.”

Games 3 and 4 are in Oakland on Wednesday and Friday respectively. Whereas Game 5 is on 10th June, Monday, June 10 in Toronto.

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Warriors Won NBA Finals Game 5 Against Raptors

Warriors Won NBA Finals Game 5 Against Raptors

Golden State Warriors defeated Toronto Raptors in NBA Finals Game 5 by 106-105 scores at Scotiabank Arena in downtown Toronto.

Remarkably, Stephen Curry led the game with 31. On the other hand, Klay Thompson followed him with 26 points.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, “Steph and Klay hit back to back threes I believe. We got stops. Our defence was bending down the stretch, but we didn’t break.”

Thompson appreciated composure of the team. He said, “I’m very proud of the way everyone fought tonight – even going down six with three minutes left, their ball. We didn’t panic. We just do what we do.”

Warriors led the NBA finals Game 5 in the third quarter. Nevertheless, their win is all due to the three-pointers.

Kawhi suggested that Raptors could have played better defence. He said, “We started to play a little better basketball. We’re going against a great team. We know they weren’t going to quit.”

Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse said, “They played their guts out. Kept on fighting and put themselves in a position to win it.”

Further, he said, “Our team has reacted all year long great to bad losses. I would say it takes a lot to beat this team and it took a hell of a lot of blows and a heck of a lot of balls bouncing the wrong way in the last couple of minutes for us to come out on the wrong side of it tonight.”

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Warriors forward i.e. Kevin Durant turned all eyes at him. He joined NBA finals Game 5 on Monday night. He was on rest due to this injury for more than one month.

But during the second quarter of the game, he again injured his calf. He scored 11 points in Game 5.

General Manager of Warriors, Bob Meyer said, “We felt good about the process. He was cleared to play tonight – that was a collaborative decision … I don’t believe there’s anybody to blame, but I understand this world. And if you have to, you can blame me. I run our basketball operations department.”

Furthermore, he said, “Kevin Durant loves to play basketball and the people who questioned whether he wanted to get back to this team were wrong.”

Moreover, Thompson said, “To be honest, it’s very deflating. It’s hard to even celebrate this win.”

Warrior coach Kerr said he genuinely appreciated the Raptors gesture as they tried to quite the crowd which was cheering after Durant injury.

In addition, Kerr said, “I think (Raptors) understood how serious it was … there was just a couple of minutes there where it all seemed so eerie and strange. I took a little bit for both teams to collect themselves.”

Notably, NBA Finals Game 6 will take place in Oakland on Thursday at 9 PM.

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Toronto Raptors Won NBA Finals Game 3 By Huge Leap

Toronto Raptors Won NBA Finals Game 3 By Huge Leap

The Toronto Raptors won the Game 3 of NBA with a huge leap by 123-109 against Golden State Warriors. At a point, Raptors took lead of17 points over Warriors. Here we will discuss NBA finals Game 3 and win of Toronto Raptors.

Remarkably, Raptors dominated the opponent team throughout the game yesterday. Both the teams will also face each other again in NBA finals Game 4 in Oakland.

Danny Green showed effective performance with six three-pointers with 18 points. Also, Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry led the game with scoring 30 points and 23 points respectively.

Noticeably, Pascal Siakam scored 18 points and Marc Gosal had 17 points.

Raptors coach Nick Nurse said, “When he kept it going, I think it was a huge confidence booster all around.”

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Coach also compared the NBA Finals Game 3 with Sunday loss. He said, “Our offence wasn’t very good in Game 2 and we knew that was hurting our defence as well.”

Further, he said, “We tried to play with more pace up the court and we tried to play with more pace in the half court. I thought you saw a lot more cutting and passing — obviously 30 assists — you saw a lot more shots go in, that helps.”

“We tried to play with more pace up the court and we tried to play with more pace in the half court. I thought you saw a lot more cutting and passing obviously 30 assists you saw a lot more shots go in, that helps.

Coming to Warriors, Stephen Curry really did well. He scored 47 points and led the game. Further, Draymond Green scored 17 points. Unfortunately, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Kevon Looney sat out in NBA finals Game 3 due to injury.

Earlier, Raptors HQ editor-in-chief Daniel Reynolds said, “It starts with Kyle Lowry. He’s the heart of the team … Lowry has to sort of respond to the call here and come out with a strong, sound game,” he said, adding Siakam had to get back to scoring more effectively.”

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Toronto Raptors Won NBA Finals Game 1 Against Golden State Warriors

Toronto Raptors Won NBA Finals Game 1 Against Golden State Warriors

Toronto Raptors in the lead of Pascal Siakam defeated Golden State Warriors by 118-190 in Game 1 in NBA finals. For the first time, Raptors are in NBA finals it is also the first ever final game being played outside the US.

The Canadian team took down the Golden State Warriors, the winner of past three championships.

Raptors coach Nick Nurse told Siakam came to the gym after the elimination of team in the playoffs two years. Siakam wanted to learn the shoot.

Nick Nurse said, “He was extremely hard working. Just super, super committed to finding a place in this league and improving his game.”

Gasol gave his best to the team as a raptor and finished with 20 points. He had 7 boards but fouled out with just over a minute left in the game. Notably, the team acquired him at a trade deadline.

Kawhi Leonard finished with 23 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

Coming to the Warriors, Pairing of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson warriors finished with 34 points and 21 points separately.

Significantly, Curry made history by making 100 career three-pointers in the NBA Finals.

Danny Green was foul trouble while clocking his fourth with 7:11. Raptors took advantage of as Warriors coach Steve Kerr decided to leave him.

Siakam gave the Raptors a lead of 73-63 scores. Green fearing of the fifth foul let Siakam go to the rim without any concerns.

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Steve Kerr said, “They played a great game, they deserved to win. We’ve got to play better if we’re going to beat them.”

Raptors were at a double-digit point in the fourth quarter at less than five minutes. At that time, Warriors were in extreme trouble of fouls. Thus, it proves beneficial to the Toronto Raptors. Just after that, Thompson faced call out for technical foul and Leonard hit the ensuing free throw.

Just 3 minutes ago before the game wraps up, Raptor Fred VanVleet hit three. Hence, the Raptors rose to 110-98.

DeMarcus Cousins made his debut in the second quarter. Kevin Durant remained inactive as he is suffering a calf injury that took place in a game against Houston Rockets.

Raptors lead the game just at the half time with the 10-points lead at 49-39 scores. However, at the beginning of the game both the teams were trying to feel each other in the middle of the hectic playground.

Warriors came to face off Toronto Raptors after taking full rest. Previously, they defeated Portland Trailblazers in the Western Conference Finals. Even after taking 10-day rest, Warrior held shooting percentage 43.6% which is less than the 50% shooting of Raptors.

Vanvleet said, “It seems like each game it gets better and better.” As per the opinion of Lowry, it was loudest he had ever heard the building. He said, “It was pretty crazy in there tonight. We’ve got the best fans in the NBA and they’re just showing it every single night.”

Raptors owns a 58-42 regular season record that is way ahead than the record of Warriors at 57-25.

Noticeably, Game 2 of best-of-seven series will take place on Sunday in Toronto. Afterwards, the teams will go straight towards playing Game 3 & Game 4 in Oakland.

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