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Iran Flood Caused Heavy Damage – 70 Died & Thousands Evacuated

Iran Flood Caused Heavy Damage - 70 Died & Thousands Evacuated

Iran authorities have ordered to evacuate six more towns in the Khuzestan’s southwestern province due to expectation of further rain. Iran flood is causing heavy damage to lives and land. Thousand of people from around 70 villages have already been evacuated.

The Governor said that rescue teams were helping people to move in nearby shelters including army barracks. While, young men stayed behind to help the rescue operation.

Miserably, 70 people are already dead due to heavy flooding.

“400,000 people are at risk out of the province’s population of some five-million,” said the Interior Minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.

Notably, there are no evacuation orders for major cities such as Ahvaz with 1.7 million populations.

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The heavy damage is consequence of constructing roads and buildings near the river.

Thankfully, there is no damage to the petroleum facilities of the province.

The country is facing floodwater issue from last 19 days.

Meanwhile, environmental experts say the country is facing floods due to deforestation.

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