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Jeremy Bowen Diagnosed Bowel Cancer – Awareness Message

Jeremy Bowen Diagnosed Bowel Cancer - Awareness Message

Veteran BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Actually, he wasn’t having any symptoms of the disease. But still, he just went for the test that resulted positive. April is the month of bowel cancer awareness. As a result, Bowen shared his experience to aware the people about it.

Bowen born in Cardiff and is being BBC journalist from last 35 years.

In England, the age for bowel cancer screening is 50 now. Originally, even doctors thought that Bowen’s pain is a result of previous surgery’s scarring. He went through a colonoscopy test – a camera inserted in the colon to diagnose cancer.

Doctors found the tumour and removed it and now Bowen is undergoing chemotherapy. He said that people usually find it awkward to talk about bowels and poop but they should work on it more often as it is part of their body and life.

A gastroenterologist told Jeremy Bowen, “Don’t die of embarrassment, for God’s sake.”

So, this was everything about the cancer diagnosis of Jeremy Bowen and his awareness message to people. For more news and updated information regarding technology, automotive, Hollywood and current affairs, stay tuned to Daily Patron.


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