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Jeremy Bowen Diagnosed Bowel Cancer – Awareness Message

Jeremy Bowen Diagnosed Bowel Cancer - Awareness Message

Veteran BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Actually, he wasn’t having any symptoms of the disease. But still, he just went for the test that resulted positive. April is the month of bowel cancer awareness. As a result, Bowen shared his experience to aware the people about it.

Bowen born in Cardiff and is being BBC journalist from last 35 years.

In England, the age for bowel cancer screening is 50 now. Originally, even doctors thought that Bowen’s pain is a result of previous surgery’s scarring. He went through a colonoscopy test – a camera inserted in the colon to diagnose cancer.

Doctors found the tumour and removed it and now Bowen is undergoing chemotherapy. He said that people usually find it awkward to talk about bowels and poop but they should work on it more often as it is part of their body and life.

A gastroenterologist told Jeremy Bowen, “Don’t die of embarrassment, for God’s sake.”

So, this was everything about the cancer diagnosis of Jeremy Bowen and his awareness message to people. For more news and updated information regarding technology, automotive, Hollywood and current affairs, stay tuned to Daily Patron.

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Edmonton hospital stops admitting patients due to COVID-19 outbreak

EDMONTON — A hospital in west Edmonton is tightening restrictions as COVID-19 cases continue to increase at the facility.

An outbreak at the Misericordia Community Hospital was first declared by Alberta’s chief medical officer of health on June 23 when six patients and two staff on one unit tested positive.

Alberta Health Services says in a news release there are now 18 patients and 14 staff members with COVID-19 — eight new cases were identified on the weekend.

Officials say two patients linked to the outbreak have died.

The health agency says the Misericordia is closed to new admissions and to transfers of surgical and medicine patients.

EMS personnel will take patients to other hospitals in Edmonton, unless there is an emergency where the Misericordia is the closest acute-care site.

Officials say women in labour can come to the hospital if it was the planned birth site and day surgeries will still take place. Surgeries requiring an overnight stay will be postponed or completed at another hospital.

They say patients who have tested positive are being cared for together on three units, including the hospital’s designated COVID-19 unit. However, eight units are now included in the outbreak restrictions as a precaution.

Alberta Health Services says the Misericordia is still safe for patients.

“We are taking this situation extremely seriously and have taken swift action,” Dr. David Zygun, medical director for the Edmonton zone, said in a news release Monday. “We are taking these significant measures to ensure the safety of patients, staff, physicians, and volunteers.”

Alberta had a total of 8,259 COVID-19 cases as of Friday. Of those, 572 cases were active, 7,532 people had recovered and 155 had died.

Forty-two people are in hospital, with nine in intensive care.

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Canada’s long-term care system failed elders, before and during COVID-19: report

MONTREAL — A new report on the COVID-19 crisis in long-term care homes has concluded that Canada failed in its duty to protect its elders.   

The report released today by the Royal Society of Canada found the pandemic was a “shock wave” that exposed many long-standing deficiencies in the system.

The group’s COVID-19 task force of scientists and researchers said the causes of the failure are complex but are rooted in what they call systemic and deeply institutionalized attitudes about age and gender.

It found that 81 per cent of Canada’s COVID-19 deaths have come in long-term care homes, far higher than what is reported in comparable countries, including a 31 per cent figure in the United States and 66 per cent in Spain.

The authors say Canadian homes have allowed staff-to-patient ratios to drop and have increasingly shifted to an unregulated workforce in recent years, even as patients are living longer with diseases that require increasingly complex care.

Their recommendations include implementing national standards for care homes, better data collection and infection-control standards, as well as higher pay, more full-time positions, and better benefits for workers, including sick leave and mental health support.

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US Measles Cases Increased & Spread To 26 States

US Measles Cases Increased & Spread To 26 States

Last week, the United States recorded 60 new measles and the total number rose to 940 this year. US Measles cases expanded to many states with increasing case numbers

Reportedly, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informed about the increase in US measles cases by 6.8%. The measles outbreak now spread to 26 other states. Every Monday, the agency provides weekly updates regarding the outbreak.

The present situation is way much similar to the condition of the outbreak in 1994. That year held a record of highest cases of measles i.e. 2,126.

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People are opposing vaccines due to their stereotypical thoughts and myths. They think that vaccination can cause autism. Thus, Public Health Officials are blaming people.

Noticeably, the virus was not present in the US after 2000. However, the disease and cases of the disease are still soaring high. It happens due to the travellers coming from affected places such as Ukraine etc.

US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says that people travelling form measles common countries are spreading disease in the US.

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