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Land Slide Victory of BJP & Indian PM Modi Over Opposition

Land Slide Victory of BJP & Indian PM Modi Over Opposition

Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi dramatically won the elections 2019 over the opposition. BJP scored majority votes due to the tough stand on business-friendly policies and national security issues.

His re-election as a PM for the second time is because of his efforts on a national security basis. Previously, BJP won by 282 seats in 2014 election as became the leading party. However, the Hindu Nationalist Party stunned the Congress by a landslide win with 351 seats in total this year.

The people were cheering loudly on the win of PM Modi. They showered rose petals upon him. Modi, Amit Shah and their whole party among the supporters celebrated their win at Party headquarters.

He addressed people via telecast and said, “Whatever happened in these elections is in the past, we have to look ahead. We have to take everyone forward, including our staunchest opponents. The political pundits of India have to leave behind their ideas of the past.”

Indian PM scored red tape in World’s fifth largest economy. Many international firms such as Walmart, Mastercard and Amazon criticized the biased policies. They say that policies are made by keeping domestic rivals in the mind. Thus it only benefits the domestic business more instead of overseas firms.

Now the Modi government will face the various issues & demands regarding unemployment and jobs. Along with that, the party has to overcome agriculture incomes. Also, the BJP government will have to focus on reviving banking sectors.

PM Narendra Modi thanked the Indian citizens for making his victory possible. A plethora of people, celebrities and leaders around the world wished him for his historical success.

US President Donald Trump and also many other leaders of various countries wished Modi via Twitter. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu wished Modi via phone call and a lovely tweet also. Trump showed his keen interest in future deals with India.

Not just that, Pakistan PM Imran Khan also congratulated Modi on his marvellous win via Twitter. Additionally, he said, “Look forward to working with him for peace, progress and prosperity in South Asia.”

Besides all the progressive work, the PM has to look forward to building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Many BJP workers and also Hindu zealots want respected Modi to make God King Rama Temple in Ayodhya.

Earlier Modi’s party was facing loss in three states elections in the month of December due to farm prices and unemployment.

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Meanwhile, Pakistan based Muslim terrorists killed more than 40 soldiers in the Pulwama district of Kashmir.

That time, PM Narendra Modi ordered Air Strike for taking the revenge of martyred soldiers. Indian Air Force did air strike on militant training camp on Pakistan side border.

This airstrike conducted by the IAF with the orders from Modi made people fond of his powerful personality all over again.

At the very critical time, BJP came up with the incredible personality for the election in 2014. A remarkable personality is a foremost necessity of winning elections. BJP did really well by representing Modi as the PM candidate.

Congress did not have any influencing personality to gain the votes except some made up issues which they later overturned.

Rahul Gandhi wasn’t even able to win in his family’s long-held home constituency Amethi. He faced defeat from BJP candidate Smriti Irani.

In addition, Congress faced a huge defeat in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Noticeably, the party could not improve at all instead they even lose by a greater leap.


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