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Mueller Report Public Domain – Major Findings & Key Points Here

Mueller Report Public Domain - Major Findings & Key Points Here

Early morning, The Justice Department finally released the redacted version of special Counsel Robert Muller’s report. Mueller report is now available in public domain. Let’s dig through the Mueller Report Public Domain.

Previously, Attorney General William Barr released a four-page summary of Mueller’s report. Afterwards, Trumps and republicans itself exonerate them.

This redacted version only contains some limited key points of the Russian collusion in the US election 2016 probe. Barr has submitted the report to US Congress whereas Democrats are still asking for the full investigation report.

Interestingly, this report has been made public and everyone can read it out. Here we are mentioning all the key points of the presented redacted report.

Mueller Report Public Domain – Major Findings:

If you also want to know all the events that took place during the whole investigation, just read on ahead:

  • First of all, Mueller was unable to conclude – The report says, “About the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred”. Mueller wasn’t able to conclude whether Trump holds charges of US elections 2016 collusion or not. Thus he neither exonerates nor accused Trump of any misdoing.
  • Failed Obstruction by Trump – According to the report, all the efforts by trump to obstruct justice as others refused to “carry out orders”.
  • Trump’s try to remove Mueller – The US president even tried to remove Mueller from the investigation. He directed White House lawyer Don McGahn to say that “Mueller had conflicts of interest and must be removed.” But, McGahn denied doing so.
  • Trump Campaign Acknowledgement – Trump campaign acknowledged benefits of Russia’s collusion in the US election 2016 but they refused to do so.
  • Trump not subpoenaed – As mentioned in the report, the special counsel could subpoena Donald Trump. Later on, they decided not to subpoena President as it will consequently delay the investigation. They also believed having enough pieces of evidence already.
  • Misled by Sara Sanders – The White House press secretary Sara Sanders in an interview, confessed misleading media about FBI Director firing. It was all bluff.

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  • F-bomb by President Trump – Trump slumber back his chair and said, “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.” He did so after acknowledging the appointment of Muller by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
  • Trump actions indicating obstruction – President Trump tried to misuse his power by delivering many public statements, comments and actions. All these could be considered obstruction efforts.
  • Investigation right of Congress – Special Counsel’s report laid out the whole case. Therefore, Congress is able to investigate Trump’s obstruction injustice. Congress can even take actions against him if found at fault.
  • Finding Clinton’s emails – As stated in the report, Trump publically asked Russia to hack opponent Hilary Clinton’s deleted email at a press conference on July 2016.
  • Other Possible collusion crimes – Mueller had also looked upon other potential collusion and crimes and not just Russia election collusion. These include campaign finance law crimes and individuals trying to work as an illegal foreign agent for the Russian government.
  • Investigation of rumoured compromising tapes of Trump – Robert Mueller also investigated whether Trump came to know about the existence of compromising tapes of him made years ago when he visited Moscow, during presidential elections.

Mueller Report Public Domain – Key Points:

All these important aspects lead to some really precise key points which are as follows. Just go ahead for a sneak peek.

  1. Trump campaign did seek for Russia help but didn’t intrigue.
  2. US President asked for campaign aides to find Hilary Clinton’s emails.
  3. Mueller didn’t actually and completely exonerates Trump on the objection.
  4. Campaign aides refused to help Trump in obstruction efforts.
  5. All the answers of Trump were inadequate to Mueller’s questions.
  6. Special Counsel couldn’t prove Trump Jr. “willfully” broke the law with the Trump Tower meeting.
  7. Hope Hicks and Ivanka knew that Donald Jr. was seeking dirt on Clinton.
  8. Trump did mislead public but couldn’t label it as a crime.
  9. State Secretary tried to mislead media about FBI Director firing.
  10. Trump dropped F-bomb after Mueller’s appointment.

Hopefully, now you have got to know everything about Mueller Report Public Domain. This was the redacted version of his whole investigation of Trump and Russia’s collusion in the US elections 2016.

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Pandemic motivating more parents to get their kids the flu shot, UBC study finds

VANCOUVER — A new study from the University of British Columbia suggests the COVID-19 pandemic may be motivating more parents to get their children a seasonal flu vaccine.

Published in the Journal of Pediatrics last week, the study surveyed 3,000 families from Canada, the United States, Japan, Israel, Spain and Switzerland.

The researchers found that 54 per cent of parents planned to vaccinate their children — up 16 percentage points from the previous year.

The study determined parents were more likely to get their child the flu shot if they thought there was potential for the child to catch COVID-19, and if their child was already up-to-date on other vaccinations.

Dr. Ran Goldman, the study’s lead author, notes that public health officials around the world are concerned about the potentially harmful combination of COVID-19 and flu season.

In a phone interview with The Canadian Press, Goldman says immunizing children will be “critical” in protecting the population from both infections.

He said his team was “very encouraged” by the results of the study, but still would like to see a slightly higher proportion of parents willing to give their children the flu shot.

Goldman said the magic threshold for a vaccine to be highly effective is about 70 per cent.

Although he believes that goal can be reached, Goldman said the media and the scientific community must work harder to help dispel myths and disinformation about vaccine use.

“Vaccination is the world’s greatest public health achievement,” Goldman said, stressing the impact vaccines have had on global mortality rates over the last century.

“If we reach 70 to 80 per cent of the population — not even 100 per cent — I’d be really thrilled.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published August 13, 2020.

The Canadian Press

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Crews prepare for strong winds as they battle fire, storm near Red Lake, Ont.

Firefighters and emergency workers prepared for a vicious storm while battling a massive wildfire on the doorstep of the northwestern Ontario community of Red Lake on Thursday.

The municipality has been almost entirely evacuated this week, with about 4,000 residents dispersed to numerous communities — the vast majority of them able to drive south along the highway.

But with the fire just two kilometres away and forecasters tracking a severe thunderstorm in the area, Red Lake Mayor Fred Mota said his community was bracing for the worst.

“Today the community is going to have some difficulties,” said Mota, noting the storm will bring with it much needed rain, but also lightning, nickel-sized hail and strong winds.

“The worrisome piece is that the wind gusts are going to be up to 110 kilometres per hour,” Mota said. “So we’ve got very, very strong wind gusts coming and that’s going to pose some challenges and difficulties for the firefighters.”

Jonathan Scott, a fire information officer with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, said crews have made “great progress” on the fire, dubbed Red Lake 49, over the past two days.

As smoke dissipated Wednesday, investigators were able to get a better handle on its size, which is now 552 hectares, down from the earlier estimate of 750 hectares, Scott said.

“For today, winds will be out of the southeast and south, similar to yesterday, and it will put pressure on the northern flank, the head of the fire, the most active part and where we’re focusing most of our efforts,” he said.

Mota said officials have also spent time talking to residents about the COVID-19 pandemic, but noted there are currently no active cases in the entire northwest region, according to the local health unit.

“With the COVID-19, some people are very aware of it and we’re reminding people to remain socially distanced, to wear their face masks, to clean their hands regularly,” he said.

About 3,800 people have registered as having self-evacuated, according to the provincial Ministry of the Solicitor General, which is co-ordinating the relocation efforts.

He said 65 people were flown out of the area and the province has planes at the ready should they be needed.

Mota said about 100 residents remain in the Red Lake area, and most say they do not plan to leave their homes.

Chantal Cole-Fitzpatrick is among those who’ve stayed, although she is about 10 kilometres from the fire in nearby Balmertown, Ont., where she runs a pet store.

“If the power goes down, our fish will die, so we’ll stick around for them to start generators and that,” she said. “We’ll leave when we absolutely have to.”

In the meantime, Cole-Fitzpatrick and her family are doing their part to help out. They spent about 10 hours Wednesday looking after all the pets that were left behind by evacuees.

“There’s everything from turtles to hamsters, ferrets, chickens, pigeons, ducks — all kinds of animals,” she said.

“Lots of cats were left outside because the owners couldn’t find them in time, so we’ve been breaking into people’s houses and letting them in. As long as people need help, we’ll absolutely help them.”

Colin Hodgson said he was at a fly-in fishing lodge about 30 kilometres east of Red Lake on Monday night with his partner and some friends, when they spotted flames in the distance near his home in Balmertown.

Planes were grounded that day due to the smoke, but they were able to fly home on Tuesday.

“We got in our vehicle, ran home, grabbed our cats and whatever we could, just five minutes in the apartment and rushed out,” he said.

“We were worried we’d be trapped in, but the road was open.”

He, his partner and their kittens are now safe with family in Winnipeg.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 13, 2020.

Liam Casey, The Canadian Press

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Common law partner of Nova Scotia mass shooter sues his estate for trauma, injuries

HALIFAX — The common law spouse of the man who carried out the mass shooting in Nova Scotia in mid-April is suing his estate, alleging he caused her to suffer psychological, physical and emotional injuries.

In a statement of claim filed Wednesday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court, the woman’s lawyer, Peter Rumscheidt, doesn’t provide a precise figure for the damages being claimed.

The woman says she was in a long-term relationship with Gabriel Wortman, a denturist based in Dartmouth, N.S., before he was killed by police after going on a shooting rampage April 18-19. Wortman had killed 22 people and set fire to a number of properties.

The former spouse says she and Wortman were together at his property in Portapique, N.S., on the night of April 18. She said she was the victim that night “of an assault and battery perpetrated against her by Mr. Wortman.”

She also says she was held against her will by Wortman and suffered from “intentional infliction of mental suffering.”

RCMP investigators have said the woman escaped into the woods on the night of April 18 and after taking refuge in a neighbour’s home, she spoke to police at about 6:30 a.m. on April 19 about her spouse owning a replica police vehicle and illegal firearms.

Wortman murdered 13 people in the coastal community about 40 kilometres west of Truro before escaping to kill nine others in several other Nova Scotia towns. He was finally shot and killed by police at a service station in Enfield, N.S., on the morning of April 19.

The woman has already renounced her right to be the executor of the will for Wortman’s estate, initially valued at more than $1.2 million, requesting it be administered by the public trustee.

In his will, the mass killer’s assets are listed as including six properties in Portapique and Halifax worth a total of $712,000 as well as $500,000 in personal belongings. The will was dated March 29, 2011, and is written on four pages.

The public trustee is responsible for paying the debts and outstanding taxes of the killer and is charged with providing a full inventory of assets within three months.

Truro lawyer Robert Pineo has said most family members of Wortman’s victims have already joined in an application to certify a class action to sue the estate for compensation for their losses and suffering as a result of the mass shooting.

Wortman had specified in his will that a “female companion/friend,” was to have full control over his funeral. He instructed that his body be wrapped in a Hudson’s Bay blanket and buried in a concrete vault at the cemetery in Portapique with no service or public notice of his death.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 13, 2020.

Michael Tutton, The Canadian Press

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