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Saudi Arabia Government Executed 37 People Accused Of Terrorism Crime

Saudi Arabia Government Executed 37 People Accused Of Terrorism Crime

On Tuesday, the Saudi Arabia government beheaded 37 people, accused of a terrorism-related crime in a mass execution. Executed 37 people belonged to minority Shiite Muslim.

Additionally, the government pinned their body and head to the pole in order to warn others.

Saudi dissident Ali Al-Ahmad said, “This is the largest mass execution of Shiites in the kingdom’s history.” He runs the Gulf Institute in Washington.

It was the largest number of killing in the kingdom in a single day. The Saudi Arabia King Salman approved mass execution by a royal commandment. He has asserted a bolder and decisive leadership style than previous monarchs.

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Al-Ahmed described this execution as a political motivational message to Iran. He said, “This is political. They didn’t have to execute these people, but it’s important for them to ride the American anti-Iranian wave.”

According to the interior ministry, the executed people formed terrorist cells and wanted to cause chaos. All individuals executed by the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh. Also, they were guilty of exploding security installations.

Amnesty international said among those put to death was a young man convicted of a crime that took place when he was 16 years old.

Remarkably, Shiite religious leader Sheikh Mohammed al-Attiyah was also among those individuals.

Most clerics of Saudi Arabia’s supreme council are Ultraconservative Sunnis. They said the executions carried out in accordance with Islamic law.

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