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The US & Iran Labelled One Another’s Army As Terrorist Group

The US & Iran Labelled One Another's Army As Terrorist Group

On Monday, President Donald Trump said that the US will call Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group. This raised the Iranian criticism and chances of worrisome retaliatory attacks on the US. Let’s discuss the issue of the US & Iran labelling each other as a terrorist.

Trump has taken down the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and shared it with Iran’s rival Saudi Arabia. Not just that, he also re-imposed the broad economic sanctions.

Remarkably, it is for the first time that the US has marked another nation’s army a terrorist group.

The step being reinforced with effect from 15th April gets immediate reactions from Iran. According to a TV report, even Iran’s Supreme National Security Council labelled US Armed forced as a terrorist organization.

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Moreover, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi of Iran calls US decision “a major strategic mistake.”

He also told reporters, “The U.S. military bases and their military forces in the region will be considered terrorist bases and terrorist forces that will be dealt with and confronted accordingly.”

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