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Joe Biden has chosen far less principled running mate for the upcoming November’s election. Last year, California Senator Kamala Harris surpassed Bernie Sanders as the most liberal senator. After governing the idea of gun confiscation, she is now showing her most extreme viewpoint. Elections are to be held in November and there is no surety which party will embrace the victory. However, Democrat candidates have already started showing their true dictator image.

Kamala Harris is now trying to control the appetite and eating habits of American. We all know that veganism is being promoted much more than ever. Yet nobody has any right to forcefully change someone’s eating habit as this is the most personal thing. Banning plastic straws is fine but Senator Harris now wants Americans to stop eating red meat. She has also decided the type of utensils in which Americans should eat from now onwards.

Democrat Joe Biden has done a commendable job in selecting his running mate. Kamala Harris is the most extremist VP candidate that has got a ticket from a major party. Biden couldn’t have chosen any worse candidate than Harris as she has all the qualities of controlling leader. By qualities of controlling leader, it meant dictatorship flair.

Harris is telling the entire Americans which type of meat and what quantities of meat we should eat. Additionally, she is also preaching about the type of utensils people should utilize for dining – be it be drinks or food. We don’t think that America is ready to handle autocracy of Democrats in the Democratic nation to control the everyday life of citizens.

Undoubtedly, Harris is quite fueled up with authoritarianism. Apart from being controlling about the eating habits of Americans, she is also all set to snatch the jobs of over 7 million American people by 2022. Harris has promoted the ban of hydraulic fracturing.  Unfortunately, if Democrats won the elections then in just 2 years about 7 million people will be unemployed as all these are associated with works of fracking.

Not just this, we have more devastating news for the American economy and people of America. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris is supported Green New Deal. Inspiring from this deal, Joe Biden introduced his brand new Energy Plan. All thanks to an associated policy of Harris and Biden, all the crucial industries i.e. oil, coal and gas industries will get shut down and eventually about 10 million jobs will eliminate from the US economy.

We can say that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can be the best partners in the crime of the US. Both of them are all buckled up to strip off the basic rights of Americans and to shatter our economy. America cannot afford to have such authoritarian people as our leader that would lead our nation towards horrific damage.


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