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Biden – I will put America under complete lockdown

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made another controversial and troublesome statement. We know how Biden exaggerates any issue or circumstance and how he goes over the board to come up with unwelcoming solutions. Recently, the Left-wing leader stated that he could put the whole of America under lockdown by shutting down everything just to recover from coronavirus. Being American well-wisher we can feel that how traumatic this thing can be.

The present moment where every developed or developing country is resuming to sort of normal life, here we have our leading presidential contender who supports complete shutdown. He put forth this statement while an interview with David Muir, a host of ABC News. Mr. Muir interrogated Biden on his chances of winning and his approach for the expected second wave of COVID-19. The host asked Joe Biden if he wins the election, how he would react to combined coronavirus and flu. Will he introduce complete lockdown again?

Joe Biden was quite spontaneous in his answer. He has aching yearn of caging people of America in their homes. He didn’t even have a second thought about the situation of the economy of our nation. We all can evidently see the effects coronavirus pandemic influenced lockdown all over the world and in our country too. Many people were eliminated from their jobs owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. An hour wise paid workers experienced devastating hit due to lockdown. This coronavirus pandemic lockdown was in fact economy shut down as per many businessmen as well as economists.

In response Donald Trump also Tweeted this Video on his Twitter Account:

Apart from the unemployment and falling economy, the lockdown has a major traumatic and horrendous impact on the mental health of millions of people. As per the survey conducted on around 5500 people by CDC, it was calculated that 25% of young adults were highly prone to suicidal thoughts just because of this pandemic caused the lockdown. Additionally, 30.9% of respondents reported symptoms of depression. Also, 26.3% of people experienced stress-related disorders. Not just that, many people took harmful help of alcohol and other illegal addictive drugs to deal with upset mindedness created by pandemic and lockdown.

Mostly, we have seen inclining rates of death due to COVID-19 but none shed any luminous ray on the rate of suicides among the pandemic. Unfortunately, the suicide rate was far greater than the actual death rate caused by COVID-19 disease.

In spite of all these unfortunate and horrific impacts, Joe Biden had the nerve to propose the lockdown. Now Americans should decide whether they want another series of shutdowns or not. We can see how eager was Biden to introduce lockdown despite its devastating impacts on jobs, the economy, and the mental health of people. God bless our nation if we tend to have such leaders in the future.



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