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Biden’s vulnerable side: Polls slant as individuals state ‘uncertain when they truly are Trump supporters’

Trump battle authorities are persuaded that surveys demonstrating Joseph R. Biden with a major lead are inclined left by undercounting Republican voters and are feeling the loss of a concealed store of the president’s supporters who are uncertain of surveyors.

President Trump and his crusade staff are not under the figment that he is succeeding at this stage, yet they think the race is a lot nearer than surveys propose, particularly in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“They get some of these people who say they have no opinion or are undecided when they really are Trump supporters,”

said a Trump crusade insider who would not like to be recognized without approval from the battle.

"The large thing the surveys are doing is simply underrepresenting Republicans, and it's glaring."

The concealed Trump voters, as indicated by the hypothesis, are harassed into quiet by the news media’s every day allegations that they are bigot or more awful. These voters at that point cover their help for Mr. Trump inspired by a paranoid fear of being seen as supremacist by the surveyors.

Mr. Biden’s presidential battle wouldn’t talk about either wonder, however they have said they are underestimating nothing and are doing everything conceivable to stay away from such an Election Day that shocked Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The numbers by and large substantiate cases of disproportionate samplings in 2020 reviews.

A national survey discharged for the current week by Economist/YouGov demonstrated Mr. Biden, the assumed Democratic presidential chosen one, with a 9 rate point advantage over Mr. Trump. The unweighted surveying test was 41% independents, 34.7% Democrats and 24.2% Republicans.

In 2016, Republicans made up 31% of the electorate, like a lot of turnout in each presidential political race since Ronald Reagan won the White House. The 2016 electorate was 35% Democrat, like the surveying test, and 34% free, which is a lot littler offer than in the survey.

A national survey by ABC News/Washington Post, which gave Mr. Biden a noteworthy lead, utilized a comparable example of 39% independents, 30% Democrats and 24% Republicans.

The Real Clear Politics normal of national surveys, which incorporates the Economist/YouGov and the ABC News/Washington Post reviews, shows Mr. Biden in front of Mr. Trump by 8.4 focuses.

A similar Economist/YouGov survey recorded Republicans giving Mr. Trump a 87% endorsement rating.

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China Stealing Intellectual Property from US universities

China Stealing Intellectual Property from US universities

US-China ties are getting worse by each passing day and Communist China has sought to allegedly obtain the US intellectual property with their enormous funding to the US educational institutions. US universities received huge funding from the Chinese Government and out of 70 of which are unable to report such grants by Beijing.

Noticeably, an FOIA lawsuit has been filed in opposition to the Department of Education Section 117 by Judicial Watch. This law states that academic institutions are bound to report any grant worth more than $250,000 received from any sources to the department. Under this act of violation, the lawsuit has been charged.

PRC has been following the Military Civil Fusion strategy with the help of which certain Chinese institutions are seeking to obtain research and technology from US universities by collaborating with them. Recently this incident of stealing research came into light when the FBI contacted the University of Texas to reveal such allegations of espionage by the Houston based Chinese Consulate. China tried to seek high tech research of the Covid-19 vaccine done by the University of Texas. After this shocking uncovering, America immediately ordered China to shut its Consulate in Houston and China retaliated by ordering America to close its Chengdu situated Consulate General.

China Scholarship Council of PRC underwrites professors, scholars, and researches to go abroad and gain access to advance research and high-end technology. Either such candidates voluntarily cooperate with intelligence agencies or they are forces to do so by threatening them and their family in China. This can be easily understood by the example of researcher Juan Tang working at the University of California. Last week, the FBI arrested her for concealing the information about being a uniformed officer of the Chinese Communist Party Air Force in her J1 visa application.

PRC didn’t stop at sending such researchers to abroad however they also tried to obtain America STEM field related people by offering lucrative packages. They are just targeting scientists by using Thousand Talent Programs to sought research findings and also to replica research efforts by creating shadow laboratories.

The biggest example of the harsh and dark truth of such talent programs is Charles Lieber. He was the former chair of the Harvard Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department. He was recently hit with enormous charges against tax evasion as he concealed the matter of getting big financial back support from Beijing. As reported, he concealed the reality of getting paid $1.5 million to establish a replica lab in China, $150,000 as living expenses, and $50,000 per month from Wuhan Institute of Technology. In June 2020, federal authorities accused him of lying regarding participation in Thousand Talent programs.

China controls the staffing and educational program and cash greedy colleges give the understudies. Since 2004 the PRC has built up several “Confucius Institutes” (CIs) at schools and colleges to teach the Communist Party’s side of Chinese history and culture. In 2014 the American Association of University Professors censured this outsider educational plan control as “conflicting with standards of scholastic opportunity, shared administration, and the institutional self-governance of schools and colleges” to protect the institutions.

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Why US Presidential election 2020 is so crucial?

Right from the beginning of Trump’s administration, all the insurgents have used all the propagandas to portray President Trump as a Dictator. Even till now, they are active in allegedly proving him as the one. Such anarchists are trying their best to make believe that Trump’s second win will lead to a dark future of America across the world. It is evident that America has faced two global struggle fares in opposition to Germany i.e. World War 1 and World War 2 against the same ideologies that the liberals’ are now pointing as socialism and trying so hard to make it sound like a progressive move. 

All the rebels that are spreading riots in the name of protests have ripped of the fundamentals about which Democrats generally talk and still we can see Democrats in Senators and interview sessions on television protecting such group of masses.

This political drama will continue until the results of electoral votes and this could even be stretched furthermore if no action takes place until then. The rules and policies placed into impact by President Donald Trump have been continuously working for the growth and enhancement of the country and the people of the country.

Mr. Trump has always been a strong, determined, and fierce personality who intends to make America as Great America again with an unprecedented focus on re-shaping American government and foreign policies. Undoubtedly, Democrats are trying their best to dethrone President Trump but many of the voters are not focusing on the failure of Mr. Trump as a major issue of the campaign. The citizens, however, are more inclined towards the actions against climate change, Gun control, trade & tariffs, Healthcare, education, and economy, etc.

It will be great to see what the parties have in their chests if any one of them is able to win the majority of the electoral votes. We all know that country has always gone through innumerable protests in its history. Since Mr. Donald Trump has taken the office, there were many protests at airports, elected officers’ offices, and other places also. The journalists have always questioned about the less number of protestors. We believe that there is an even greater question regarding the protests being so peaceful and almost never converted into devastating riots.

There are many claims that the extreme left-wing group Antifa is responsible for such violence among the nation as they have been before. The group is practicing its politics of slogan spraying and window-smashing by taking advantage of the current situation. Antifa remarks its presence in all the riots as they are known for provoking the backlash and breaking the stuff the makes things worsen. Thus, the win of Republican candidates may result in peaceful conditions around the nation.

Moving forward to Planned Parenthood, Republicans have been against the notion of abortion for a very long time and Mr. Trump’s administration is trying their best to stop it. The party has also expanded the global “gag rule”. This rule states that doctors of the Title X Family Planning Program cannot counsel patients regarding abortion. Additionally, US assistance receiving overseas groups cannot provide abortion as an alternative.

On the counter side, Democrats were the ones who started Planned Parenthood i.e. access to abortion. Mr. Biden says that he does accept the Catholic Church’s belief of life beginning right from the conception but he is not very supportive of this as he thinks it would be unfair to impose such an old religious view on present masses.

While the Democratic party is famous among liberal for Planned Parenthood and its contribution towards women’s health. However new claims are getting unraveled against this organization. On Wednesday, in an interview, Ben Carson said that the founder of this organization Margaret Sanger “was not particularly enamored with black people”. Hence Planned Parenthood established most of its clinics in the black neighborhood to control the black population. It is not the first time that organization has faced criticism even the 2011 election candidate Herman Cain put forth similar allegations. The organization does accept Sanger’s belief in eugenics but still, they are calling out such statements as demeaning and wrong on facts.

So, what are your beliefs? We will glad to know whether you are politically a Democrat, Republican or independent. Do you think anyone of the candidates is promising what you believe as essential for the country’s growth? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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