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Joe Biden criticizing Trump for emergency relief

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden always finds a reason to criticize President Trump for almost everything. At the start of the presidential campaigning, Biden promised Americans absolutely “no malarkey”. However, he is doing exactly the opposite of it now as he is talking all nonsense by misinterpreting things. We all are aware of current global situations as well as the circumstances for our states. We have gone through major economy fall down amid this pandemic.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people faced ill-mental health, depression, unemployment, hunger, stress-related problems etc. In order to give American people some relief, Mr. Trump cut the slack. President Trump showed his generous and caring side by signing an executive order which was specifically done for the benefit of Americans. This executive order was about the deferment of payroll taxes.

As per the order, employers will be able to defer the payroll tax collection from people having $104000 per annum salary. This is the time period where each and every penny or cents count. With the help of the order, an average American person can save $1200 by keeping four months of earnings with him/her by the end of 2020.

This executive order was for the advantage of the American public and not for Trump administration’s personal benefit.  Yet, Joe Biden is having nerves to point out this order as Social Security Solvency. Biden should appreciate Trump’s move instead of depreciating him. Mr. Trump has done great thing but we all know this isn’t anything new. Maybe this very few of the things in which President Trump’s thoughts are the same as that of leftist Obama. In other words, we can also say that this is one of the few things that Obama did well and good for the country.

In 2010, we all experienced a global financial crisis and at that time Mr. Obama cut payroll taxes by 2%. Obama referred to this move as the economy-boosting and employment increasing solution. Also in 2012, we observed that this move was highly applauded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As of now, Biden is suddenly having a problem with the deferring of payroll taxes out of where. He had no issues when almost the same thing was happening during Obama’s administration. In our other post, we called Democrats as hypocrites and we can evidently see this through malarkey of Joe Biden. In no senses, the executive order of Trump of payroll taxes deferment is hurting the Social Security Solvency. This is something Biden has foolishly cooked by himself to make false allegations on our President Trump.

We wonder if Joe Biden was at the place of Mr. Trump, will he not introduce or pass such kind of order to relieve us Americans from the burden? Maybe not, as he is so negatively critic of President Trump he might have been selfish and watch people suffer.

Every American – be it be politicians or public, should applaud Trump administration’s move of deferring payroll taxes to the next year. We can hope for the best in the coming year. Maybe with the god’s grace, our efforts and courage we can make best out of next year.

Not just this, President Trump is also trying his best to forgive and eliminate payroll taxes of this year completely. If this thing will happen then Americans will not have to pay any payroll tax for this year not even in the coming year. Isn’t it great move by our President? However, this can only happen with the permission and allowance of Congress. This isn’t any kind of sorcery or solvency to anything but sole good of Americans.

You might be curious why Biden is misleading the best efforts of Trump of providing Americans with their required relief. We evidently know why he is doing so. He is just fearful of his own personal record while he was a Senator. In the 1980s, he mischievously tried to freeze Social Security spending and also all kinds of government spending. He was an evident supporter and demander of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security cuts.

On the contrary, President Trump has vowed to protect Social Security including all other government spendings. Mr. Trump is trying his best to grow and boost the economy. He is making efforts to lower the taxes and to offer a reward for investments. Let’s see what the upcoming year have for us in the chest.


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