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America has suffered enough due to the radial left-wing leaders and supporters. Democrats have made many alluring promises to attract American people. They tried to attract black Americans by rigorously promoting police defunding in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. We have already experienced Kenosha shootings owing to the horrendous violence covered as BLM protests.

We know that colored people are not demanding any kind of police defunding; in fact, they are requiring more police services than ever. The nation is quite aware of the controversial speeches and acts of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

Henceforth, President Trump has all the chances and efficiency to win his re-election quite easily. Mr. Trump may seem harsh and quick while taking decisions but he is not double-faced as of Democrats. No doubt, stats are showing an inclination towards Joe Biden but this was the same thing that happened in previous elections.

State polls showed Hilary Clinton in the continuous lead in 2016 elections. Polls do not have any face value in actual voting results. Trump has always beaten the odds when it comes to speculations and real outcomes. Last time, Trump gained high support and lead in votes in three states i.e. Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump can easily reveal Biden’s true face in front of American people by making Biden lose his temper in political arguments. Republican strategists suggested Senate Republicans allies to grill Biden regarding his ties with Ukrainians.

President Trump is great at handling the economy of the nation. Along with this, he is quite proficient at maintaining political-trade relations with other ally countries.

The economy had to face fall down during pandemic yet Trump managed to control drop down easily. People are arguing over opening up businesses amid the increasing number of cases. However, this was for their own good as many of the Americans had to face unemployment due to the temporary closure of businesses. In just two months i.e. May and June, 7.5 million jobs were added. More than 50% of Americans still like his economy handling methods.

Another point is what we all know i.e. false polling. Postmortem results of state polls show the serious flaws of such polls that are nothing but mere speculations.

The major thing which would be highly helpful for our president Trump is continuous campaigning. Trump should no longer hold the campaigns but should opt for campaigns in major swing states. He can introduce majorly required policies as allowed by the constituency to lure people. He should re-enforce his grip in the office. He can huge advantage by being there 24/7 for people. As of last week, Trump showed in the Rose garden to share his thoughts and heartfelt words about Hong Kong circumstances.

Additionally, Biden has a problematic situation which can profit Mr. Trump in his re-run. Youngsters are not inspired by Biden even a bit. Although Joe Biden has faced personal loss yet he has certain benefits which make him less inspiring among young and adults as they are facing unemployment. A Bernie Sander’s supporter said that if Sander’s supports chose to stay at home on elections then Biden will not have many votes in his favour especially in swing states he will have to fall on the face.

Another disappointment for Biden will be the inability of voters to get to the voting places. Due to COVID-19 many of the voting places were slashed. Biden will face voter suppression in purple, red and blue states alike. A high number of Biden supporters & voters will have to think about their health and stay safe at homes.


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