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Biden’s controversial agendas for the presidential campaign

Joe Biden has so many agendas such as economic growth, racial radical and of course gender equality. Gender agenda is one of his in-depth agenda for this presidential campaign. We all know all the talks aren’t enough. Thus, only taking about equality doesn’t make someone actually considering gender equality as one of the prioritized agendas. We gladly welcome Biden’s thoughtful agenda for racial equality as well as gender equality.

Biden’s idea of gender equality is based on the Equal Rights Amendment that was last approved n 1970s by state legislative. Ruth Bader Ginsburg considers this long-ago amendment as dead letters from the past. The democratic candidate is showing his deep interest in the ratification of a radical feminist 1970s treaty of UN Convention. This treaty is referred to as the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). It is noticeable that this treaty depicts women as the only responsible for Child upbringing and caring.

Along with this, Biden is also proposing the same ages-old rectifications such as providing power, incentives and special care for union workers etc. all this needs more federal spending of the taxpayers’ money. All these things require approximately $7 trillion. Further, ‘Clean Energy Future’ plan will also take up around $2 trillion as an accelerated investment towards the clean and green environment. Apart from these pledges, Biden is quite thoughtful about investing huge money for the installation of air conditioners in all three level schools.

Biden is also proposing to increase the per hour wage rate in all the cities of all the states. He is saying a lot about disproportional job filling however he is not at all relating equal pay to the equal work and conditions is various states. Orwell is explaining Biden’s proposals and pledges as “fall upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outlines and covering up the details”. Orwell is saying so because of the Biden’s double-crossed statements on gender confirmation and conversion. On one hand, Biden is proposing that he will require insurers to cover “gender confirmation” in insurances.

On the other hand, he is also pledged to “conversion therapy”. What is the purpose of confirming the gender if one cannot get it changed to their preferred sexuality depending upon the gender confirmation test results? When did the government have to become a primary regular for therapists? Coming to racial equality, Biden is thinking of more specifically designed aids for small businesses owned particularly by Black and Brown People. Still, this proposal of Mr. Biden is quite controversial as he is pledging to aggressively enhance its surveillance and targeting of persistent racial gaps in jobs, wages, and wealth. This step is highly alarming for the people of America. If an unelected government is putting racial preference and surveillance together simultaneously than people should be careful.


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