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Indonesia Riots – 6 Died & 200 Injured

Indonesia Riots - 6 Died & 200 Injured

Indonesia riots resulted in the death of 6 people and 200 injured people. Mobs are protesting following the release of official election results. Protestors clashed with the troops. They also set fire to a police dormitory & vehicles in the nation’s capital.

Indeed the protesters are basically supporters of loser presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto. On Tuesday, they turned violent and kept riot till night. According to police, they have already arrested 20 provocateurs.

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan informed about the dead and injured people in Indonesia riots.

A news TV channel telecasted the clash of protestors and security forces. Rioters were throwing rocks on the troops. Not just that, they also sat a paramilitary police dormitory on fire.

Reportedly, one man died just as he was a gunshot in the commotion. However, the military personnel and security forces were not having live bullets.

Result of April presidential elections announced reigning president Joko Widodo as the winner. He became president for the second time with 55.5% votes.

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The opponent team could take the defeat and thus allegedly called poll as a fraud. However, they don’t have any evidence for supporting their blame.

Some government offices, schools, businesses and shopping malls remain closed in the nation’s capital. 30,000 troops were deployed to secure the city.

In addition, a major commuter train station was temporarily shut.

On Tuesday, police arrested a former general for allegedly smuggling weapons to the protest. While authorities confiscated Molotov cocktails from one minibus of Prabowo supporters travelling to the capital from Java.

Protestors had started to gather outside the elections supervisory agency building on Wednesday.

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